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   您    選    對   指   甲   油   了   嗎?

 Have You Chosen the Right Nail Colors?

■ 傳統指甲油因含高度揮發刺激性溶劑,滴在保               麗龍上,會產生如左圖凹陷溶解的可怕狀況!


■  ECO NAIL香氛健康指甲油,以天然酒精與純水



Conventional nail polishes contain hazardous chemical components such as Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, isopropyl alcohol and toluene that corrode polystyrene. There is a direct correlation between the corrosive nature of a chemical component and its hazard index. 





~ECO NAIL是妳聰明的新選擇~

“Why do we as women have to endure silently the uncomfortable feeling and the awful smell when we have our nails polished?  Why should we take the risk of the hidden damages the conventional nail polish may cause us? ECO NAIL is your excellent choice when pursuing the perfection of your fingernails.

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