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Aromatic Nail Polish       

香氛健康指甲油  H Series         NT. 480/15ml   




Without hazardous chemical components, it is a revolutionary aromatic nail formula making your nails healthy with perfume and color.


Aromatic Nail Polish       

香氛健康指甲油  G Series        NT. 480/15ml   




Creative combinations of different glitters give you fantastic shining on your nails.  The cosmetic grade glitters used are more delicate and glossy than others.


Quick-Drying Base Coat      

快乾持久底層油 PN-5L            NT.480元/15ml

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 添加维他命B5、E,及甘油,滋養保護指甲。

* 獨家研發快乾配方,可快速修補指甲的凹洞,讓指甲平滑好上色。

* 清除隔離油脂,以增強指甲油附著力。



Enriched with Vitamins B5 and E, and Glycerol to moisturize the nails

(2) Repair uneven nail surface immediately.

(3) Separate grease for long lasting effect.

(4) Prevents precipitation caused by traditional nail polish.


High-Gloss Top Coat     

水潤光澤上層油 C-12EN            NT.480元/15ml                      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------水潤自然光亮甲面,與增加指甲油持久性及色彩鮮豔度。


Give nails a shining finish and longer wear. 

Nature Nail Strengthener     

晶透增豔硬甲油 PN-1             NT.550元/15ml                                                     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




Enriched with Vitamin E, B5 and Glycerol to moisturize and strengthen nails while bringing a crystal look to your nails.

Cuticle Oil     

特效滋潤指緣油 PWG            NT.650元/15ml                          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------



 It contains Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil to nourish and soften skins and nails.  Enriched with Vitamin A, to strengthen nails and leave cuticles supple and smooth. It even contains Vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera, which helps with moisturizing the skin. 

Non-Acetone Nail Color Remover

溫和潔淨去光水 CC-4B Series            NT.420元/130ml                                                     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Remove nail polish without drying out your nails and hands, and without breathing in harmful fumes.

* Acetone-free, no harsh solvents that damage nails

* Enriched with Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Glycerol

* Fresh fruity fragrance

* No smudge

* Only a small amount of remover is required to remove nail polish 

ECO NAIL Thinner

專屬稀釋液 TH-1          NT.180元/15ml                                   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------專屬稀釋液特別添加獨家研發環保聚合體,故可延長指甲油稀釋後的使用壽命。ECO NAIL採用獨家無毒環保配方,於濃稠時(冰裂CR系列除外),千萬不可用他牌稀釋液,以免造成產品變質。


This is an exclusive non-toxic, and eco-friendly formula.  Please only dilute ECO NAIL color with “TH-1 Thinner” (except CR Series ) to avoid deteriorating the quality of the nail polish. ECO NAIL Thinner specially adds exclusive copolymer to prolong the life of the diluted nail polish.

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